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Primary Candidate Profile: Joseph E. Scott, for Mayor

In 1-2 sentences, explain why you are running for Mayor and what motivated you to seek this position.

 In the past 4 years there has been no transparency by this administration. They have shown not to be in office for the concerns that the citizens of Baltimore have. We deserve better.

In 1-2 sentences, describe how your background and/or previous experience has prepared you to serve as Mayor

I am part of the body of believers. I am called out to serve for the betterment of all mankind. I would be as a servant to the citizens of Baltimore while I'm in office.

 What are your top 3 priorities or key goals if elected as Mayor?

Crime, education, and vacant houses. Also, the conditions of our city street.

What do you see as the most pressing issue facing Baltimore residents right now?

The crime in the city and the fact that it's not being addressed by this administration as it should. The unbelievable policy of this police department having a catch and release type of mentality for the juveniles committee these crimes in Baltimore.

What else would you like voters to know? Feel free to share any other perspectives or details about your background, priorities and vision.

It is obvious that the city of Baltimore has been duped, or as some might say "flim-flamed" by this current administration. It may go down as the worst administrations in this city's most recent history. The misuse and mishandling of city funds is deplorable. They have shown not to be in office for the betterment of the citizens of Baltimore, but only for their just cause and political ambition. The people of Baltimore deserve better. Therefore I Joseph E Scott am running for office to be the next mayor of Baltimore. To serve the people as one should and be as a servant for the well-being of all citizens in this great city. Let's bring back the charm.

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