Are you Registered to Vote? 

Candidate Resources


If you’re interested in running for office here are a few things you should think about! Here are some common offices that will appear on the ballot in 2022:


Federal Offices:
U.S. Senate
U.S. Congress


State Offices:
Attorney General

State Senate

House of Delegates

Baltimore City Offices:

States Attorney

Register of Wills
Orphan’s Court Judge
Clerk of the Circuit Court


Party Office:
Central Committees

Board of Elections Candidate Information Sheet - Click Here

Baltimore City 2022 Maryland Primary for Central Committee Candidates - Click Here

Depending on the office you’re running for, there are different requirements and qualifications to file. 

To learn more, check out these Maryland State Board of Elections pages: 


For Candidate Requirements, click here.


For Candidate Qualifications, click here.


Ready to File? 

To read instructions about filing to be a candidate in the 2022 Gubernatorial Election, click here.

To learn more about campaign finance, click here.


For Federal Offices: 

  • To learn more about filing for Federal Offices through the FEC, click here.


Important Dates: 

Deadline to file for Candidacy: April 15, 2022


Primary Election: July 19, 2022


General Election: November 8, 2022

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