2018-2022 members 


The Baltimore City Democratic State Central Committee (BCDSCC) is comprised of 42 elected members from six legislative districts in Baltimore City.  BCDSCC members serve four-year terms.   Each district shall ensure that their districts are gender balanced which means that there are equal numbers of men and women in each district.  

BCDSCC members selected through gender balance rules are considered At-Large members and are not eligible to vote on BCDSCC business, to fill BCDSCC positions, and/or elected official vacancies or recommendations to boards and commissions. 

Executive Committee


 Karenthia A. Barber, 43rd District


1st Vice Chair

Eric Booker, 45th District


2nd Vice Chair

Councilman Antonio Glover, 45th District


Recording Secretary

Tammy Stinnett, 41st District


Corresponding Secretary

Dr. Lela Campbell, District 44a



Jan Eveland, 46th District


Sgt. at Arms

Jackie Addison, 45th District

40th District

Elected Members

Councilman John Bullock

Monica Cooper

Crystal Jackson Parker

Ben Smith

Councilman James Torrence (Appointed)

Sherelle Witherspoon (District Chair)

At-Large Members

Robin Boston

Mark McLaurin

41st District

Elected Members

Bilal Ali

Chezia Cager (Appointed)

Tehila Fink

Angela C. Gibson (District Chair)

Wade Morange El (Appointed)

Lisa James Henson

Tammy Stinnett

At-Large Members

James Butler

43rd District

Elected Members

Karenthia A. Barber

Alex Garcia

Leighann Garcia (Appointed)

Solomon Hilton (Appointed)

Sonja Merchant Jones

D'Paul Nibber (Appointed)

Angie Winder (District Chair)

At-Large Members

Thomas Akras

Mia Blom

Francesco Legaluppi

District 44a

Elected Members

Haki Shakur Ammi

Dr. Kyle Berkley

Tim Bridges (District Chair)

Dr. Lela Campbell

Delegate Keith Haynes

Roxanne Prettyman

Ashley Pryor (Appointed)

At-Large Members

Edith Gilliard

Antoinette Mugar

45th District

Elected Members

Jackie Addison

Eric Booker

Delegate Chanel Branch (District Chair)

Dantwan Broady (Appointed)

Marques Dent (Appointed)

Councilman Antonio Glover

Denise Richards

46th District

Elected Members

Keisha Allen (Appointed)

Mike Ball

Paris Bienert (District Chair)

Sharon Brackett

Mark Edelson

Jan Eveland

Cynthia Hendricks Jones

At-Large Members

Nick Frisone

Max Green