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Election Spotlight with Delegate Regina Boyce

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Delegate Regina Boyce (D)

State Legislative District: 43

By Nick Frisone, District 46

Background/where did you grow up, school, etc.

  • I was born in Washington, D.C., raised in Rockville (MD), finished the last three yrs. of high school in Baltimore Co. (Woodlawn High School '94).

  • I attended the then Catonsville Community College then transfer to Towson University ('98)

  • I began working at Johns Hopkins University in 2000 and later used their live near your work program to purchase a home in Waverly where I have lived for 18 yrs.

  • In 2014 I earned my degree of master of public administration from the University of Baltimore ('14)

When and why did you first get involved in politics?

  • I don't believe I am involved in "politics" but rather "public service". This began for me when I initially moved to Baltimore city, and then I began working for Baltimore city government in 2010, the city council president, as a community liaison. It was an opportunity to get to know the city I love and now live in through government work. I learned how city government worked, how the legislative process worked. Before this, I spent time in community association work and many city projects that allowed me to get to know my new home better.

Why did you run for a seat in the House of Delegates?

  • I was asked to run for office, central committee in the 43rd, in the summer of 2017 At first I said no. I reconsidered, and after careful consideration and check-in's with mentors, I decided to run for the house of delegates. I believe I understood the city and its needs, and could be a good advocate for those needs in state elected office. I worked in my community, I worked for city government, and I worked in the non-profit realm . . . it was the right combination, in my mind, that made me a good candidate for delegate.

What are your top three issues you want to address if elected?

  • I ran on, and continue to run on, the theme that when our families are not strong, our communities are not strong, our city isn't strong and our state as a whole suffers. I consider myself a "generalist". My top priority is families. What do we need to strengthen them? Jobs? Education? Pay and healthcare? I am a strong advocate for minimum wage increases . . . those that match and increase with inflation, housing that is affordable, and a high quality education for all. I am on the environment and transportation committee. We have such a strong selection of top areas we address: the environment, housing, local laws and ethics, natural resources, transportation.

Wes Moore, Aruna Miller, Brooke Lierman and Anthony Brown are the three statewide Dems on the ballot. How can we make sure they get elected?

  • The way I am working to ensure our statewide ticket is elected is 1) telling my constituents that I am voting for them and the reason voting for them is good for them, the city and our state, 2) phone banking and door knocking to get the word out and meet voters where they are: home, and 3) not taking for granted that the democratic party is the majority party in the state. The last two times we took our majority for granted, we elected a republican governor who made sure Baltimore city did not have a partner in government but rather an adversary. He also intentionally canceled our planned transportation system that would allow the City to begin to address the east-west transportation challenge.

What is your opinion of the current state of the Republican Party?

  • My first thought is that we live in a country with two major parties. Because of past president Donald Trump, the republican party has gone beyond being a very conservative party, to being a party divided between the old republican values and the new values that seem to prioritize white male patriotism and white nationalism. I believe we will begin to see a movement where the old guard republicans will begin to distance themselves away from the extreme republicans. We may even see a splitting of the party.

Favorite movie of all time and why?

  • What's Love Got to Do With It?

Favorite song of all time and why?

  • I actually don't have a favorite song . . . I do love all genres of music!

Two most prized possessions?

  • my passport

  • the deed to my home

Who inspires you? (Can be politically or personally)

  • no one in particular, or famous, just my mommy and sisters who I love dearly :0).

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