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Election Spotlight with Delegate Robbyn Lewis

When and why did you first get involved in politics?

I was about eight years old and my Mom took my sister and I to vote on Election Day. Our polling center was beautiful. These were back in the days of curtains. I remember running around my moms ankles a lot. To her it was a big deal. It was a special and important day. I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to pull the lever and pick our next representatives.

I grew up in a family that was very engaged politically, however never thought of holding elected office. It was never a part of my plan. The reason I am a Delegate today is because I was asked to step into this role. After Trump was elected, I cried for two weeks after. My main thought was that we were all in danger. Some of my neighbors and friends were in more danger than I was from this maniac. I kept asking myself “How can I help?” My friend Brooke Lierman called and said that Delegate Pete Hammen was retiring and I should think about going for the appointment. This was my way to help my neighbors and friends. To help shield them through a really hard time in our nations history.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the Republican Party?

The current Republican Party is dangerous to our democracy.

Why did you run for another term in the House Of Delegates?

I believe there’s more work that I have to do and apparently the voters of the 46th District agreed.

What are your top three issues when elected?

The first question to myself was what are the priorities to my District. Then I ask myself what is relevant to my committee assignment. And then I ask myself what do i want personally to be done.

The citizens of the 46th want safe communities. Safe, clean, walkable streets. The Health and Government Operations committee is always prioritizing lower healthcare costs and expanding healthcare coverage. We’re also passionate about growing the workforce. Supporting nurses, therapists, and more. Reproductive rights is a big topic as well. Personally, I’m passionate about transit. Equitable transit to be exact.

Wes Moore, Aruna Miller, Brooke Lierman, and Anthony Brown are the statewide Democrats on the ballot. How do we make sure we win?

Show up. When Democrats vote, we win. Vote early; vote in person; or vote by mail.

Favorite movie of all time?

I don’t think in terms of favorites, I think of top tens. I don’t go back to movies over and over but..there’s a funny movie called “Life With Father.” It’s from the 40’s with William Powell. My sisters and I loved watching that growing up. There’s another one called “My Man Godfrey.” I love him as an actor.

Favorite song of all time?

I don’t think I have one..

Or you can name a band you like, like Psychadelic Furs..

Wait how did you know that?

We had a conversation a long time ago when we first met about their song “Love My Way.”

That was my favorite song in sophomore year !

I never get sick of “Tyrone” by Erykah Badu. So maybe that’s my favorite song?

What are your two most prized possessions?

My mind and my health.

Who inspires me?

Their are folks from the past I look to for inspiration. Martin Luther King Jr is one. But I feel like anyone who devotes their life to making life better for people is pretty inspiring.

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