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Primary Candidate Profile: Paris Timothy Gray, for Council District 8

In 1-2 sentences, explain why you are running for District 8 and what motivated you to seek this position.

I’m running for city council because I am a believer in the 8th district. I own a home here, my work is directly helping those in the 8th district, and I’ve heard directly what people want and need from city hall as the next councilman I'm committed to bringing the needed resources back to this district.

In 1-2 sentences, describe how your background and/or previous experience has prepared you to serve as Councilman?

As the current community outreach coordinator for the 8th District, I am actively engaged in the community currently, from resolving constituents' issues at meetings to organizing job and resource fairs. I am committed to continuing this work as your Councilman for the 8th District, serving and supporting my community.

 What are your top 3 priorities or key goals if elected as Councilman?

My top priorities as Councilman in the 8th District will include providing resource opportunities for mentorship programs and anti-violence initiatives, ensuring city agencies meet constituents' basic needs efficiently, and supporting legacy residents to age in place with dignity.

What do you see as the most pressing issue facing District 8 residents right now?

The primary concern for District 8 residents is the timely delivery of city services, specifically the resolution of issues reported through 311. As the next city councilman, I will prioritize addressing and improving this service delivery to better serve the community.

What else would you like voters to know? Feel free to share any other perspectives or details about your background, priorities and vision.

I'm a tireless advocate for the 8th district, and I have a proven history of delivering results for constituents. With me you know that your voices will be heard, and your concerns will be addressed as we work together to achieve greatness in the district.

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