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2022-2026 members

The Baltimore City Democratic State Central Committee (BCDSCC) is comprised of 40 elected members from five legislative districts in Baltimore City.  BCDSCC members serve four-year terms beginning the day after the gubernatorial General election.   Each district shall ensure that their districts are gender balanced which means that there are equal numbers of men and women in each district.  

Executive Committee


 Tammy Stinnett, 41st District


1st Vice Chair

Diana Emerson, 43rd District

2nd Vice Chair

Robin Boston, 40th District

Recording Secretary

Monica Cooper, 40th District


Corresponding Secretary

Angie Winder, 43rd District



Lakesha Brown, 41st District

Sgt. at Arms

Tiffany Jones, 45th District


Scherod Barnes, 43rd District


Jermaine Jones, 45th District


Nick Frisone, 46th District


40th District

Elected Members

Dwayne Benbow

Robin Boston

Monica Cooper

Tia Hopkins

Kwame Kenyatta-Bey

Roxane Prettyman (District Chair)

Dytonia Reed

Braxton Street

41st District

Elected Members

Lakesha Brown

Brian Easley

Alex Friedman

Angela Gibson (District Chair)

Dayvon Love

Sandy Rosenbluth

Isaac "Yitzy" Schleifer

Tammy Stinnett

43rd District

Elected Members

Karenthia A. Barber

Scherod Barnes

Warren Maurice Branch

Diana Emerson

Logan Endow

Keith Holt

Sonja Merchant Jones

Angie Winder

45th District

Elected Members

Dantwan Broady

Jasmine Collins

Kashawna Duncan

Antonio Glover

Jermaine Jones (District Chair)

Tiffany Jones

Robert Stokes

Sabrina Wiggins

46th District

Elected Members

Keisha Allen

Mike Ball (District Chair)

Joe DiSeta

Nick Frisone

Autumn Grant (Appointed 12/7/2022)

Madelin Martinez (Appointed 12/7/2022)

Nancy Mead

Robert Yochem

Last updated as of: December 13, 2022 


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